Age: 11 weeks
Vaccination: Up to date
Status: Available
Training: 99% potty trained
Price: $600

This gentle, cuddly and fun little fellow will light up your life for sure. Teddy has a whole lot of personality for just a wee handful of dog. He is a handsome, intelligent and affectionate little guy whose favorite place is cuddled up close in your arms. He will always be right by your side anticipating you every need. Teddy will happily snuggle up close for as long as you want whether reading a book, watching TV or taking a nap. If you are looking for a lap puppy who will happily go everywhere with you, Teddy is your boy. This pretty marked fun little boy is very easy to love and so much fun to have around. Teddy vet checks and vaccinations will be up to date and he will arrive ready to fit right in as your new very special family member.


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