Idriss (Male)

Age: 11 weeks
Vaccination: Up to date
Status: Available
Training: 99% potty trained
Price: $600

Idriss is a fun and playful, bright gold and white smooth coat boy from top lines. This handsome little fellow is friendly, outgoing, athletic, gentle and a precious little cuddler when playtime is over. His joy in life will be pleasing you, entertaining you and making you happy. Idriss is a good little traveler and will happily go with you wherever you will take him, enjoying each new adventure with you. He is a gorgeous little fellow and pretty as a picture. His vet checks and vaccinations will be up to date and he will arrive ready to light up your life. Idriss is that sweet affectionate companion, fun playmate and loyal best friend you have been looking for. Make this little Idriss boy your very own today.


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